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Boating is a wonderful way to "get away" from everything: you can't work or do chores at home when you're out on your boat. You're only there to have fun when you're on the water. We have the right boating and marine accessories to make your boating experience even more enjoyable. We have a wide range of parts and hardware to ensure your boat is ready for you when you get it.
Our mooring lines will ensure that your boat is always secure. You can choose from bulk rope, cord or lines with snap hooks. Our cleats allow you to tie-off your boat. Our fenders are available in many styles and colors to protect your boat's hull. Our ice eaters can help prevent ice damage if you keep your boat in cold water all year. You can dock your boat offshore. There are a variety of durable polyethylene buoys available, including pendent buoys to keep your mooring line clean. No matter where your boat is moored, our anchors will keep it in place.
Safety will ensure everyone has fun on the boat. You should be prepared for unexpected events, such as someone falling overboard. You have everything you need to be prepared for anything, including life vests, throw cushions, flares, signaling devices, and EPIRBs (Emergency Situation Indicating Radio Bearacons), and PLBs(Personal Locator Beeacons). Safety is about knowing where you are, and being able communicate with others. Our electronics equipment has VHF radios that allow you to communicate with the shore and other vessels. Navigation equipment can display coordinates and the location of your ship relative to shore. Many can also display depth and radar.
Fishing is a popular activity, but you shouldn't leave it up to chance. One of our fish finders will help you catch the big ones every time. You will also find everything you need to trot successfully with the Marine King, including quiet saltwater and freshwater trolling motors as well as accessories. If you prefer to use wind power for your boating adventures, we offer a range of sailing equipment, including blocks, cleats, snap hooks, shackles and sailing winches, as well as roller furling systems and sailing winches. With one of our wind vanes, you will always know which direction the wind is blowing on your boat. They are sensitive and can be used to indicate direction even in the slightest breeze.
We love boating if you are looking to relax and drop anchor. We have all the galley equipment and appliances you need to make your watery escapes memorable. Enjoy entertainment for everyone with a marine stereo, amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. You can also enjoy nautical feasts on a large range, grille, or cooktop. You will enjoy more comfort while riding the waves with modern galley furniture, plumbing, and ventilation. We have the marine batteries to ensure your boat starts and plenty of power. Also, the steering and controls that will safely guide you into a berth and over open water.
You can keep your boat in good condition so that you don't have to worry about unexpected problems or breakdowns. The Marine King has the right supplies, manuals, guides, fuel system, ignition, starting & charging system parts and electrical parts & wiring as well as oils & lubricants to keep your boat looking great. Check out our range of winterization products when it is time to pack up your boat for the season. You can find fuel stabilizer, flushing gear, antifreeze and complete winterizing kit. Shrink wrap can be used to protect your boat from weather and UV damage in the off-season. We have all the necessary film and accessories to achieve effective coverage.

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Solstice Aquatic Fitness MatThe Solstice inflatable aquatic fitness mat has an integrated tract mat for great comfort. It can hold up to 265 lbs and has minimal turning ,...
Solstice Inflatable Rescue boardThe Solstice Inflatablerescue board is a great water safety device and a must-have. This inflatable board is ideal for use on-site and can support up to 450lbs.
Solstice inflatable dive platformThe Solstice inflatable dive platform offers a stable, rigid platform with true dive shop construction. High pressure drop stitch construction and highly...
Solstice Camo Inflatable Pup Plank With a stylish camo finish, the Solstice Camo Inflatable Pup Plank provides the ideal water ramp for your four-legged friend. It integrates a deep-weighted mesh.
This is your place to meet other anglers, boaters and sailors, ask questions, share your knowledge, and learn from experts.
The Marine King is your one-stop shop to all of your boating and marine requirements. We have hundreds of highly-rated products, including premium-grade oil filters, battery chargers, and boat cleaning supplies.

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VOLVO PENTA National Supplier
For more than 50 year, we have been supplying marine components
Mercury - Yamaha - Honda - Suzuki
EVINRUDE/ JOHNSON/ OMC Parts Distributor
Gen3 Marine Heavy Duty Hollow-Base Boat CleatDesigned for handling multiple dock lines and heavier loads the Gen3 heavy duty hollow base boat cleat is an ideal choice for large recreational boats and...
Airhead Strike 1 Per Person Towable Tube Tube Kit Get ready for a wild ride in the fast Airhead Strike Towable Tube. This single rider tube comes conveniently packaged with a color-coordinating...
HULL HugR Contour Boat FenderTraditional round protectors protect hulls well but not gunwales. Ski boats, runabouts and runabouts with step down gunwales are most vulnerable to damage...
Attwood Tsunami Cartridge Bilge Pump Attwood uses ,... highest quality material
PHII, PHEII Repair Kit - PHII/PHEII Repair Kit - 1200WRaritan’s repair kit for the PHII/PHEII dates back to June 1992. 1200WRaritan supplies equipment for pleasure boats...
Gimbal bracket. GB-17Works in: Cuda 128, Cuda 168. Cuda 240 SS, Cuda 242, Cuda 250 s/Map. FishEasy 240. FishEasy 245 DS. FishEasy 320.

What does 5 horn blasts mean?
boat parts portland oregon

boat parts portland oregon

Boat Parts and Accessories
Long Island: Marine Supplies and Boat Parts for Sale
Long Island: Marine Supplies and Boat Parts for Sale
Boats, Motors & Engine parts
VOLVO PENTA National Supplier
Since over 50 years, we have supplied marine parts.
Mercury - Yamaha - Honda - Suzuki

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The Marine King has everything you need for your boating or marine activities. We offer hundreds of top-quality oil filters, batteries, and boat cleaning products.
Boating is an excellent way to "get out of it all". If you're on your own boat, you don't need to be at work or doing chores around home. The only thing you want to do when you are out on the water is have fun. Whatever your preference, whether you enjoy boating, fishing, sailing, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have the boating accessories and equipment that will make it more fun. We stock parts & hardware, maintenance supplies, and accessories to make sure that your boat is always ready to use.
When your boat is connected to the dock using our mooring cables, it will remain secure. You can tie-off with our clamps or bulk rope and cord. Fenders are available in a variety styles and colors that will protect your hull. One of our ice eaters will prevent your boat from freezing if it is kept in the water year round. Can you dock your boat offshore? We offer a range of durable polyethylene anchor buoys. No matter where you decide to stop, our anchors can hold your boat in its place.
Your boat will be safe and everyone will have a good time. You never know what could happen. You can be ready for any scenario with life vests. We also have a variety of safety equipment including flares, flares, flares, signaling device, EPIRBs (Emergency Location Indicating Radio Beacons), and Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs). Knowing where you are and communicating with others is part of being safe. VHF radios are used in electronics equipment to transmit distress signals and receive weather reports. You can also communicate with shore vessels and other vessels using the VHF radios. Our navigation equipment displays coordinates, where you are relative to shore, on large, easily read screens. Others can display depth, radar, and other information.
Fishing is one the most popular activities on a boat. But don't leave your fishing trip up to chance. You will be able catch big fish every time you use our fish finders. The Marine King also offers everything you need to succeed in trolling. You can also choose to sail with wind power, which includes blocks, cleats and snap hooks as well as sailing winches and roller furling machines. If your boat is equipped one of our wind venes, you'll always know which direction it is blowing. The sensitive vanes are highly visible and will show direction even when there is a slight breeze.
We are all for relaxing and dropping anchor. We have the galley equipment to make sure that your watery escapes are unforgettable. You can keep everyone entertained with a marine stereo and amplifier, speakers, and a subwoofer, as well as enjoy nautical feasts cooked on a large range, cooktop, or grille. With upgraded galley furniture, plumbing fixtures and ventilation features, you will have a more comfortable time riding the waves. We provide the marine batteries that ensure your boat will start and plenty more electrical power. Additionally, we offer the steering & control controls that will help guide your boat safely into a berth.
It's important to keep your boat in top shape so you aren't interrupted by any unexpected breakdowns. The Marine King offers the following supplies: manuals & guides; fuel system; ignition system; starting & Charging System parts; electrical parts wiring; oils & Lubricants. We can keep your boat running smoothly and looking great. You can find our winterization products here when it's time for your vessel to be put away for the season. Our products include fuel stabilizers and flushing equipment. We also have antifreeze and complete kits for winterizing. Shrink wrap makes it easy to protect your boat during the offseason from weather and UV damage.

old boat parts
What is it called when a boat leaves the dock?

What is it called when a boat leaves the dock?

Gen3 Marine PWC Painted Fluke Anchor KitThe Gen3 Marine Painted Fluke anchor Kit makes a great choice for canoes, pwcs and jet skis. The fluke-style, painted anchor is designed to...
Retractable Triducer Thru HullThis transducer is the first Retractable TRIPDUCER(r), Multisensor on the market. It offers depth, speed, temperature, and a single 51 mm (2") connection. Only one hole through...
Trolling Mate Ready-Bucket Insert Fishing Lure storage System The Trolling Mate Insert Fishing Lure Storage System keeps...
MEGA 360 Dual Mount & MEGA Live TargetLock for UltrexThe MEGA 360 Double Mount for Ultrex and MEGA 360 Single Mount for Ultrex offer the components necessary to mount a MEGA 360 TargetLock...
Solstice Turbine Turbo Triplex Manual air PumpThe Solstice turbine triplex manual water pump works with all solstice inflatables. The extra long body and high-flow pistons...
Solstice Inflatable aquatic fitness mat The Solstice inflatable aquatic fitness mat offers excellent comfort with an integrated tract. Can hold up to 2.5Kg and offers minimal turning ,...
Solstice Inflatable Recover BoardThe Solstice Inflatable Resuscitate Board is an excellent safety device. This inflatable rescue board is great for use at home or on the go. It can hold upto 450lbs.
Solstice Dive PlatformInflatable Dive PlatformThe Solstice Dive Platform provides a stable platform with true shop construction. High pressure drop stitch construction.
Solstice Camo Pup Plank. The Solstice Camo Pup Plank is the ideal water ramp with a camo finish for your four-legged companion. The mesh integrates into the deep weighted...
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We hope you find the following information helpful. Visit our online store if you are in search of marine supplies and parts for your boat. Our online store allows you to easily order the items and then visit our dealership to pick up your products. Marine King Boat & Motor can be your local Long Island marine supply shop. We also serve New Jersey.
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Boat parts are like automobile parts. They don't last forever. You'll eventually need to find outboard motor oil and outboard part. It helps to have a web site bookmark or speed dial number in case this happens. We are here for you. Get in touch with us. We encourage it.
the marine king offers a complete line of marine parts. This includes everything from ventilation and lubricants to oil changers and hydrofils to gaskets and pluggeds to imellers and carburetors. We offer parts to repair and maintain boat motors. You need assistance finding a specific item. Use our Marine Engine Parts Selector Tools to locate the correct engine parts for you boat.
Cleat Gen3 Marine Heavy Duty Hollow Basin Boat Cleat
Airhead Strike 1 People Towable Tube System Kit
Perko 12" Removable Bi-Color Boat Navigation Light
HULL BIGR Contour Boat Bender
Attwood Tsunami Cartridge Bilge Pumps
Raritan PHII & PHEII Repair Kit Prior To June 1992 - 1200W

6hp boat motor parts